junenext edition

Location: De Dependance

The Secret Jazz Basement is opening its doors to the public. Come and join us on june 19th in Schieblock, Rotterdam.

The End at Schieblock

Sounds awkward, but it's true: The End of the Universe is sponsoring a herbs garden on the Schieblock rooftop.

pay no more
3,-get your table!

The end of the Universe!

  • it's the end of the world of the world as we know it photo: Anonymous
  • Pop-up restaurant in a real filmset photo: Rick Messemaker
  • Guerilla Banquet with city weeds photo: Anne-Wil Hop
  • Pop-up restaurant in a real filmset Photo: Joana Mendes

Food for adventurists

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is more than a restaurant- it is a network of cooks, artists, waiters, designers and food enthusiasts, adapting to all kinds of forms.

Pop-up restaurants in temporary spaces, exciting culinary concepts and catering is in our expanding repertoire. What it comes down to- we like to cook delicious and honest stuff. For the adventurist.
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  • Pop-up Restaurant

    It is the culinary equivalent of those long ago parties: the restaurant location will be disclosed only a few days before the event. Three courses of surprises ‘off the beaten track’, in the outdoors or behind secretly closed doors.read more

  • Catering & Events

    For all your catering needs, our creative team can develop a menu and presentation to suit your event or gathering.
    From guerilla banquets to tailored food art cuisine.read more

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