junenext edition

Location: De Dependance

The Secret Jazz Basement is opening its doors to the public. Come and join us on june 19th in Schieblock, Rotterdam.

The End at Schieblock

Sounds awkward, but it's true: The End of the Universe is sponsoring a herbs garden on the Schieblock rooftop.

pay no more
3,-get your table!

Secret Jazz Basement

Mysteriously hidden in one of the old club rooms under the Schieblock, the Secret Jazz Basement opens its doors to the public. Coming Saturday the stage is set for the intense and dazzling jazz grooves of the Choka Alcazaba Quartet. Exclusive & extremely temporary! So make sure to be there, and put on your red and shiny dancing shoes...

Profits go into the vegetable and herb garden on the Schieblock rooftop - fund!

  • Starts 20:30 - 01:00
  • Damage: 4,-
  • Schiekade 189
  • At the Dépendance

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Live performance of the Choca Alcazaba Quartet

Past Projects

  • Going Underground

    Secret Jazz Basement
    Sunday 3-6-2010

    The Restaurant at the End of the Universe went underground on the 3th of June for a seminar + dinner of the members of the Rotterdam Pioneers at the Dépendance.

    Our own interior designer and chef du cuisine Franck Poulain transformed the supposed to be dining room with re-used lost objects found in the dark chambers of the old club under the Schieblock...into a Secret Jazz Basement. Our guests could enjoy organic appetizers and Menno 'Holy Ravioli's delizioso homemade ravioli in a sparkling ambiance.

  • Food in the Dark

    The Restaurant at the End of the Universe @ Studio Meekers
    Sunday 25-4-2010, 14:00-16:00

    Sound- and light architect Jorg Schellekens has been invited to organize the third, monthly Meekers Afternoon at the MEEKERS studio: Coolhaven 96-98. The studio will be transformed by covering it in darkness. Expect the unexpected, the invisible and unexplainable. Relish dark stories, and dance that can't resist daylight. Listen to the sound of animals in the night. Clattering. Whispers. And expect a thrilling food performance by The Restaurant at the End of the Universe!

    (Don't forget your torch)

    At the MEEKERSstudio: Coolhaven 96-98
    Damage: 4,50 (kids for free)
    Reservations not mandatory, but from the cook's point of view, very nice.

  • Dining in a real filmset

    The Restaurant at the End of the Universe @ IFFR
    feb 2010

    During the IFFR filmfestival, a special restaurant opened its doors: for 12 days people could dine in the filmset of The Domino Effect- the newest film of director Paula van der Oest. The movie about the effects of the financial crisis features among others Theo Maassen and Brascha Doesburg.

    Decor designer Ben Zuydwijk built a whole restaurant from scratch in De Dépendance at Schiekade, Rotterdam- a fake restaurant though, without hot water, stove, dishes or kitchen tools. Especially for the IFFR, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe transformed the decor into a real restaurant ánd secret hotspot of the film festival clientele.

    The daily changing menu consists of (organic) meat, fish and vegetarian dishes for very sweet prices. You get a vegetarian main dish for 9 euro; for 12.50 for example dorade with clams and oven potatoes in salsa verde. Or spareribs braised in sherry with wild mushrooms.

    Thanks to: de Dependance and ZUS for their hospitality, Ben Zuydwijk for lending the decor, Annemarie Ros (MTLY) for PR & creativity, Sam, Kjell, small and big Mark, Giorgio and all volunteers for their help.