junenext edition

Location: De Dependance

The Secret Jazz Basement is opening its doors to the public. Come and join us on june 19th in Schieblock, Rotterdam.

The End at Schieblock

Sounds awkward, but it's true: The End of the Universe is sponsoring a herbs garden on the Schieblock rooftop.

pay no more
3,-get your table!

Pop up Restaurant

Oh, those long ago parties!

It is the culinary equivalent of those long ago parties: The restaurant location will be disclosed only a few days before the event. Three courses of surprises 'off the beaten track', in the outdoors or behind secretly closed doors...

September 2009

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe landed 5 weekends on a series of unusual and exciting spots in Rotterdam. An exhibition space in Charlois, an idyllic setting on the waterside in Oud-Overschie between an old church and meadow, an enormous hangar and the cubic houses formed the decors of the ‘guerilla restaurant’ of Anne-Wil Hop and guest-chefs. A series of culinary/artistic events that ended fittingly with a restaurant inside a piece of art by Berlin artist Position.

Thank you

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe thanks Het Plafond, artist collective Bier en Brood, Half Juni en gemeente Rotterdam for their hospitality.